Chris Randall   “My clients depend on me to find them the fish and to help them find the very best tackle to catch fish. That’s why I recommend Magic Metal jigs. The MM2 is a great jig to drop back fishing for tuna and my anglers also use them for yo-yo fishing for yellows. Magic metal jigs are the jigs I depend on. They have never let me down!”

~Chris Randall

Dan Hernandez   “There are a ton of jigs out in the market, but Magic Metal jigs are the ones I use everyday. The Magic Metal Lites work great for Calico bass, Bonita and Barracuda. I also use the MM2 Magic Metal for tuna fishing. The one jig I use just about every fishing trip is the B52 Bucktail jigs. These are awesome jigs and I know you’ll love them too.”

~Dan Hernandez

TV Host

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